12 Feb 2021


At the ICPAR, we generate qualitative and quantitative data on policies that affect the development of the region and its diverse groups.

We work with NGOs, private companies, government institutions, and other stakeholders interested in Iraq and Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Some key areas of research and analysis we conduct include:

• The Iraqi and Kurdish internal dynamics
• Public policies
• Economic issues
• Security challenges, with special attention to armed groups and conflicts
• Industry performance e.g. energy
• The relationship between Iraq and her neighboring countries, and regional and global powers.

Trusted by NGOs, Government and Enterprises

We have a dedicated research team based in Iraq with extensive experience in survey design, data collection and analysis. Our survey managers and local data collection teams, including qualified enumerators, carry out large-scale surveys across Iraq with consideration of the local requirements.

From evaluating social cohesion projects to market analysis of the energy sector, we have research experience and know-how across a range of areas. More recently, we have evaluated the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in various Iraqi provinces for international organizations, such as German Institute for Development Evaluation, and International Media Support.

Our assessments also serve as a baseline for local and international NGOs, government institutions, and political parties in all provinces of Iraq. We provide assessments focusing on social well-being, education, food security, health, agriculture, water, and sanitation.

Market Research
We assess the market and consumers’ satisfaction with goods and services in Iraq. This includes labor market analysis, cost-benefit analysis, in-depth market research, and studies for private-sector clients in major cities of Iraq and Kurdistan.

Media Research
We provide valuable insight about audience profiling, habits and preferences. It also provides needs assessments for static and vulnerable populations.

Gender Research
Working closely with various key women’s organizations, we provide in-depth analyses about issues related to gender and development. The ICPAR team has worked closely on the gender issues, including sexual harassment, among the vulnerable population in the war affected provinces of Iraq, especially Anbar and Nineveh.

Needs Assessments
We are invested in helping organizations understand the interests, characteristics, and the special needs of the Iraqi communities. As such, we provide needs assessment studies and surveys for private and public firms and institutions. Needs assessment research is conducted before implementing programs and policies by studying the communities in which certain agencies and firms provide services.

Custom Research
If you have a unique research requirement, we can tailor our research to suit your customers’ specific needs. We offer end-to-end research support, from design, data collection, training, and analysis in specific areas. The ICPAR research team have experiences of working for various international enterprises, oil companies, and local NGOs.