12 Feb 2021


Abdulmutalib Raafat Sarhat
is natural-resources analyst at ICPAR and lecturer in the University of Garmian. His research focus is on Iraq’s water resources. He holds MSc in Civil & Environmental Engineering (Water Resources Management) from The University of Adelaide, Australia.

Mohammed Hussein
is policy director and political-economy analyst at ICPAR. He holds a master’s degree in specialized economic analysis: Economics of Public Policy, from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

Isabel Käser
Isabel Käser is senior gender-policy adviser at ICPAR and postdoctoral research associate at the Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS, London, where she also gained her PhD. She is an expert on gender and war, feminism and nationalism, as well as militarism, conflict and body politics.

Hemn Mohammed Awrahim
is political and economic analyst in ICPAR. He is regular contributor for Inside Iraqi Politics. He has BA, major in international studies and minor in economics, from The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.

Karzan A. Mahmood
is political analyst in ICPAR and lecturer in Komar University of Science and Technology. His research focus is on Kurdish internal politics in Iraq. He holds MSc from Swansea University.

Ary Hamed
is business and market analyst at ICPAR. His research focus is on KRI‌s private sector, startups, and business challenges. He holds MBA from The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.

Shiraz Jalal
is business analyst in ICPAR. Her research focus is on Iraqi private sector and labor market. She holds executive master of Business Administration from University of Kurdistan Hewler.

Rebwar R. Salah

is PhD student at the University of Cambridge. His research focus is on Kurdish internal politics, governance and capacity building. He holds an MSc in Government, Policy and Politics from the University of London.

Hamed Al-Jboory
Is research fellow at ICPAR and covers armed groups’ conflicts in Iraqi provinces of Anabr, Slahadin, and Kirkuk.

Raghad Saad Qasim
is data collection field manager in ICPAR. Her research focus is on humanitarian projects and relief efforts in the Iraq’s conflict affected areas. She holds MA in Information Technique and Technology from Tambov University, Russia.